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One of the latest developments in TV distribution is the expansion of Internet Protocol TV (IPTV). IPTV is defined as multimedia services such as television, video, audio and graphics being delivered over IP networks. In its native form, this essentially refers to services such as BBC iPlayer & BT Vision. In the electrical contracting world however, IPTV has taken on a different form and is more accurately referred to as building IPTV and involves the distribution of TV signals over a data network through a series of encoders and decoders.

IPTV Suitability

For small scale systems, the initial high equipment costs often make IPTV an uneconomical solution. IPTV is best suited to buildings that already have a building wide Cat 5e / Cat 6 data network which reduces the need to install dedicated coax cables.

Good examples of where IPTV is used effectively include hotels, universities and hospitals who require a large degree of flexibility and easy future expansion.

IPTV System Design

Generally IPTV system consist of headend equipment installed into a standard data cabinet. This equipment is supplied with standard satellite and aerial feeds which are then converted to a digital format and streamed onto a buildings LAN. Users can then view these channels at any point on the LAN, either from a PC or a standard TV connected through an IPTV decoder. For more product information, please refer to our preferred equipment manufacturer - Exterity.

IPTV Add ons

IPTV systems can easily integrate a range of products and services not available on standard TV sytems including on demand TV, pay per view services, personalised welcome screens and internet interfaces.


At ACS we have built on our vast experience of installing traditional TV distribution systems to offer a complete IPTV package including the installation of aerials, satellite dishes, headend signal cabling aswell as rack mounted IP encoders.

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TV Over Twisted Pair

ACS can install systems that utilise spare data cables available within your building to distribute TV signals thereby preventing the need to install new coaxial cables.

TV over twisted pair systems allow you to take advantage of previously installed infrastructure cabling and gives great flexibility as different data points can be converted into TV points simply by moving patch leads.

The system comprises a combination of amplifiers, baluns, patch leads and co-axial fly leads.

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